Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Babe

Dear 1 year old Taylor,

My sweet little stinky girl.
I am not sure how you got that nick name, because you do smell very good I promise.
You are a little bit of a stinker now, it the best way of course.

The time has really flown.
Like everyone said it would.

But knowing that time with you as a tiny little baby would be gone so soon,
I didn't forget to cherish and soak up all those special moments, even the not so fun ones.
All your firsts, all the smiles, all the baby giggles, all the sleepless nights.

This also meant that I was a little more confident as a Momma this time around.
Not always doubting myself, my decisions, my Momma instincts.
People told me that is why you are such a mellow little one.
Because I am more relaxed.  
Maybe so, but I think its also just part of who you are.
You are so easy going, and sweet.
You just go with the flow.
Whatever we are doing, you are happy to be there with us.
You don't care about cartoons at all.  
You love your brothers toys, and toilet paper.
You rip it up and when I come to try and take it away, you rip faster.
You get so excited when you see me, you smile, kick your legs and whine until I pick you up.
You love to be held, even though you can walk now, which I love. 
You are a such a little snuggler.
You know how to use a kazoo. 
You have always made the silliest faces, and of course you love to be tickled.
You actually know how to say tickle tickle I caught it on video, it was adorable.
You try to take your shirts off as I am trying to put them on.
You sit down after I put new shoes on you, and inspect them for a bit before deciding to try them out.
You make this face all the time..... We all think its the cutest thing we have ever seen!!

You get excited when I get your sippy cup and you do this evil sounding little giggle.
You have always loved  bath time, you splash,
and babble very loudly while playing in the tub.
You started walking about 11 months, and now you are almost running.
You love salty food like chips, cheese and bacon.
You put your hands anywhere on your face when I say peek-a-boo, and clap when I sing Patty Cake.

You have 11 teeth.
You like to go into rooms and close the door behind you, you think its funny.
You love your brother, you light up when you see him.

When I say "where is brother?" you look around and say Bubba.
You are so very smart, and learn to fast, I have trouble keeping up. 

I am enjoying your littleness so much.
I want you to stay little forever sometimes.
But I know that I will enjoy every stage, and every age.
You have brought me so much joy stinky girl, I can't even put it into words. 
And I know that maybe one day I won't be the center of your universe anymore.
But I want you to know, that you will always be the center of mine.


Your Momma