Friday, September 2, 2011

Change & Time & Other Stuff

So I intended to just write a quick little ya know….. and it turned into this.
That’s what I get for taking almost 4 weeks off from writing.
All these  inspirations and ideas swirl around in my head
for so long, it ends up being a mish mash of concepts. 
But none the less, this writing has been very therapeutic for me
something happens when I write. 
I like it. 
So to those of you who
actually read this whole thing….God bless you. 
My hope is that it's at least mildly entertaining for you.
And I am no genius- none of these ideas I came up with on my own, they are compiled lessons
of what I have learned from the many spiritual teachers I am honored to have in my life today.
All of you are my spiritual teachers, and I thank you!!!
I also proof read and edit and blah, blah, and I get to the end....I think-OMG!!
I can’t post this!!!
Its ridiculous, and personal, and silly, or whatever I tell myself that day.
And ya know what?
I do it anyways.
So here goes….

Change takes place over time. 
But what is time?
What is change?
How are they measured?
What relationship do they have with one another?
Deep and profound questions….that to which I do not have an answer for!! 
Haha!!  I tricked ya!!
All I have is  my experience on these concepts,
because I believe that is what they are; concepts.
Concepts that the mind perceives.
Perceives to be good or perceives to be bad.
Because no body puts thoughts or ideas in my mind. 
When a situation occurs, I perceive the situation
With my eyes, ears, and brain. 
A brain that is used to form thoughts, and these thoughts  form ideas. 
Ideas about what the given situation means to me. 
No one tells me what to think.
For example.  When someone is yelling. 
I hear the voice, see their face, and in my mind I tell myself, they are yelling  AT ME. 
Which they very well maybe, but anytime  I personalize a situation
(by adding the at me part  I have victimized myself, and taken my own power away.
“They are mean to me”  “They have lied to me”  “They want me to fail”
I have allowed them to harm me , and I get sore about it.
I want them to stop their bad behavior so I that I will be okay.
In order to change my emotional conduct I must change my thoughts. 
In order to that, I must change how I perceive what is happening. 
So next time a situation like the above said example happens; I can choose to tell myself this :
“They are yelling.”not “yelling  at me”  just  “ they are yelling.”
Ah, well that doesn’t sound near as dramatic  as something they are “doing to me.”
This enables me  to constructively view the situation and handle it
without emotional attachment.
 Instead of thinking he lied tome.  He lied.  
It is really that simple, it just takes some practice.

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Now about time.
Time only exists in the physical world.
Change always exists; its not a stop and start kind of thing.  It just always is.
Then why do we   I mean I, have such trouble with change?
I like things to stay the same ……comfortable and predictable.
Therefore I can be prepared for whatever comes my way- Aha!  There it is!!
So I can be prepared!
You see….worrying is my attempt at being useful in a situation
I know is out of my control.
 Worrying, thinking, planning, scheming, manipulating, plotting…
you name it- I DO IT.
 All these things are my way perceiving that I am in control of a given situation.
Perception is a funny thing .
 What I believe in my mind to be true is what I experience.
Its what I create in my mind with my thoughts. 

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I came across and interesting hmmm… what should I call this ( I write as I think so excuse my all over-the-place-ness) I guess I would call it a theory:  Yeah theory works, so anyways  the theory I came across went like this:  “Believing  means to think that certain things are true because that’s what we have heard or that’s what we have been told. ( I am paraphrasing -BTW) and Knowing is inherent.  Its what we know because its what we have experienced or felt.”
  I know right? Crazy stuff.
So I ask myself, how much of what I believe is what I know- hmmm….. well not much!!
So how do I know that what I believe is different from what I know?
I figured it when I heard myself inserting a disclaimer like these: 
I heard, or I read, or so and so told me.
The things I know are a little different, they go more like this:
I am whole and nothing is wrong in this moment. 
I am a spiritual being having  a human experience; and everything is as it should be.   
When I remember that I know these things:  I am happy, and I have  peace, and I know:
Nothing is wrong and nothing  needs fixing.
When I forget that I know these things and have always known these things, I am in belief, and  I perceive  that I have to make things right, or different, or better, or things are not okay as they are. 
They need to be different in order for me to be happy.
So how does one go about knowing all the time? 

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Excellent question.
Well….there is no such thing.
Because all the time is right now.
Its in this moment.
But I would suggest meditation. 
Ahhh..... the daunting task of trying to quiet the mind and listen to its emptiness right? 
Well in my humble experience- not so much.
Trying, in my experience is an act of doing or creating something with intended force.
The dictionary definition of trying is this:
extremely annoying, difficult, or the like;
straining one's patience and goodwill to the limit.
Wow, that doesn't sound like much fun.
Meditation has nothing to do with force. 
As its been explained to m like this:  I sit somewhere-anywhere comfortably, close my eyes, and listen to the sounds, and watch the thoughts pass in my brain.  For- are you ready for this???
 THREE loooooooong minutes!!
 What?  Did you say 30 or 3??
3-JUST  3??!!! 
Hey I can do three minutes.
 So that is what I did- for a lot of months too, I was told amazing things would happen.
 I did not believe that statement one bit.
Yeah ok, sure they will. 
Like am I gonna win the lottery without buying a ticket kind of amazing?? 
Well no, but it was true. 
Amazing things did happen. 
The kinds of things you will have to experience for yourself,
it wont do them justice for me to just tell you,
for each of us has our own relationship with regards to the amazing.
So why is the meditation the first thing to go in my spiritual practice???
That I do not know my friends, but to be honest I haven’t had a daily practice in about 2 years.
I will do it from time to time when I feel crazy and then stop again, I don’t know whey I do this
because  I need it like I need air. 
And I feel like I am suffocating myself right now without it. 
So a friend and I set out on a 28 day challenge to do 3 minutes in the am
and 3 minutes in the pm.   
Since it takes time to change old habits  and create new ones we selected 28 days. 
She is doing much better than I, so far-I have been pretty unsuccessful
clocking  3 days out of 10.  Pretty sad. 
So everyday that I forget, or miss.  I am going to start the 28 days all over again.
That being said  I invite you all to the challenge as well, and experience…..
the  AMAZING things lie in store for you.
Do you accept?

"Meditation is the gateway, through which you arrive to the world of freedom"
~Remez Sasson


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  2. These are some of the things that stood out for me: "worrying is my attempt at being useful in a situation I know is out of my control" and "meditation has nothing to do with force." Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this and reminding me of how important it is to meditate- and for suggesting the 3 minute time limit (so do-able!) I'm taking the challenge! Love you!

  3. Your post is inspiring and uplifting...