Thursday, October 27, 2011

Through New Eyes

Mommyhood has taught me so many things
 And has changed my life in more ways than I can count. 

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Here are just a few….
1.       My body will never look the same since having a baby….EVER.  Surprisingly, I am okay with that.
2.       I have compassion for other moms who chase screaming toddlers through Target, and  I don’t look at them in disgust anymore. 
3.       Joy comes in the simplest forms. 
4.       I actually stop and watch the trees, and the birds, and notice things like ceiling fans and wall art.
5.       I have long conversations with strangers in the grocery store, who stop to say hi to my little one.
6.       Baby’s first trip to Disneyland….(not only was  I was sick with a cold, and forgot my stroller at home, good job mom!! ) we only got to go on 2 rides,  stopped about 27 times to change diapers, put sweaters on, make  bottles, find pacifiers, and scope  out quiet places to nap….and it was still the BEST time I ever had!!!
7.       I am more aware of my behavior ….what I say, and what I do because I know that my little one is watching.
8.       Most of my choices I make are not based on self any more, I always think, how is this going to affect my child?
9.       More and more often I leave the house without makeup or hair done, so I can spend those few extra moments cuddling and playing.
10.   I have acquired so much more  admiration for my own mom, for all of her worry, sacrifice, sleepless nights, unconditional love and understanding  she has shown me throughout my life.
I never knew how much she loved me, until now.  She would probably argue that I still don’t know…..she just may be right.
To all the Mom’s out there who can relate,
Who have been there
Who may be there now
For all the Mommy’s to be
As we set out to see that our children have  fulfilling  and meaningful  life  experiences,
Lets teach them to be kind, loving, caring,  compassionate people….
who have values, morals, and standards
who treat people how they want to be treated
who stick up for the smaller people

who stand up for what they believe in

who never give up on their dreams

who inspire and encourage others that anything is possible

who are kind to all animals, and gentle with the earth

Leaving this world a better place  than they found it,
and then passing  it  on to their children.

Cheers to us!!
because we have a HUGE job...
 with great responsibility...
one that I take very seriously
and today, there is nothing better in life, than hearing your children laugh.... 
 seeing them smile.......
  and watching them sleep…..
 How lucky are we????

“The most important job in the world is that of a parent” -Unknown