Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baby Inspired Living Room Decor

I remember  the time that I once declared…(before I was pregnant, and probably even during)
that if you came into my house and saw my living room, you would not be able to tell I had a child living there.   Foot… meet mouth, insert here.   This is what my living room looks like today…

…and I love it, I love finding little tiny socks in my laundry,
teething rings on my bathroom floor,  bottles and spoons in the sink,
pacifiers in my purse, and seeing  soft blankies and stuffed animals all over the place!! 
 Now, why did I ever say such a thing  you ask? 
Well, for those of you who don’t know,  I am a "neat freak”, a very proud one I might add. 
I maintain a very clean, well kept home. 
Its madatory actually.
Kinda borderline OCD. 
And  I wasn’t about to change my ways or my living room d├ęcor for  ANYONE!!!  
So pretty much every night before I go to bed  a few things must be done:
I adjust  the  towels that hang  in my bathroom so the bottoms all hang at same length.   
I straighten  picture frames, fluff the pillows on my couch, and fold the throw blankets. 
I line up the remotes on the coffee table side by side, so they are touching.
I make my bed every day, even if is 7 at night, and I am about to crawl in soon.   
I straighten my rugs, push in chairs at the table, and wipe the counters.
I put all his toys in away his toy basket, and his books on the shelf.
I put away all the baby gear:
bouncy seat, walker, swing, highchair, and play mat...
in their respective homes...either pushed up against the wall or under the kitchen table.
Thats what I do DAILY.
Here are some other random facts about my organizational OCD... 
I make sure I organize my baby food jars according  to type, in a straight line,
labels facing forward so I can see them all.   
Veggies on the right, fruits on the left.  
I do this in my pantry and my fridge as well. 
I like to see all my food  and  products when I open the door
I think its weird if you don’t have bath rugs in your bathroom. 
Specifically this one….bathrooms with out them just look a bit off in my opinion….. 

I will not wear open toed shoes if my polish is worn or chipped,
and I don’t think anyone else should either.  I like my water room temperature,
 the same way I liked my alcohol.  
It takes me 2 hours to drink a cup of coffee…
because there is nothing like the first cup of morning coffee.  I just like to think I make it last by taking  forever to drink it.  Like this morning…I got my coffee at 9:30, its 11:30 and I still have it. Kinda gross, I know.

With all the many ways, and counting.... 
  my little one has changed my life,
I still have retained very much of me, and who I am.
I was worried that I would lose myself, once I was gifted this precious bundle of life.
Because that’s what you hear….
People would tell me  how much sleep I would lose,
How insane I would become as a result,
How my social life would disappear,
How little time to myself I would have,
How long things would take to get done,
How much money I would spend…the list goes on.

But none of that even compares to how
completely fulfilling
and beautiful
and wonderful
it is to be a mommy.

Its was true, I have lost some of myself,
The cynical, selfish, and unforgiving parts of me.
None of which I care to take back anyways.
and  yes, there is a part of me who is still a  bit crazy
but amidst my crazy,
I made room for change…
for love…
for this tiny little person who has taken hold of my heart…
my life…
and my living room.
and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Courtesy of: Pinterest



Disclaimer:  I know I am not supposed to start a sentence with and, but, or because.  BUT- I have always wanted to.  Just wanted to let you know that I knew that.  The end.