Saturday, December 31, 2011

`Tis the Season

Ahh the Holidays....are OVER.  Thank goodness.              
I know how Scrooge like of me, right?  But I can't help it,
because I swear my gift giving list gets longer and longer each passing year.
It's not that I don't like to give- I love to buy gifts for people.  

But 15-20 people to shop for??  And that's only immediate family??!!
For a girl on a "new family" budget, who is unemployed, it seemed hopeless.
But somehow it all worked out, as it always does.
I am grateful we have such a big family but sometimes, especially during the holidays...
it gets a little overwhelming.
You see, I want to give gifts to everyone!  Not just any gift, but something nice. 
Something they will really like, something they want or need.  
Something they open up and jump up and down like a little kid and squeal....
yay, just what I always wanted!!!!!!!  
(Yes, I know, I have high hopes)
Then I have this idea I have that it has to be expensive or why bother?    
It is not until there is a shortage of funds, 
that we focus on the holidays as being a time for
spending with those you love,
being grateful for what we have, 
and enjoying the season.
It is also the season of giving, and how could we forget that part?
I think the holidays should be about family, sharing, and love-always.
Not just when funds are scarce.  

Given the current state of the economy a lot of people have fallen upon hard times. 
But there are so many other ways to give, if you don't have money to spend.

I want my son to know what the holidays are all about, and to me that means....sharing.  
Sharing what ever it is that you have....
you talents,
your time,
your love,
your friendship,
your toys,
your food,
your home,
and your heart.
I was at this mall this Christmas season, and I noticed something that I hadn't before.
Maybe it's always there, but this year I noticed.
I saw pictures...multiple pictures on store fronts of people with gifts smiling and happy.
They are probably always there right?  Maybe.
But what I saw was....things & gifts= happiness.
Not in my experience.  
Those are not the things that matter.
Those are not the values I want my son to learn.
I want him to know that some kids don't get gifts on Christmas. 
Some can't afford a Christmas tree, or even food sometimes.
I don't ever want him to feel entitled to anything.
I want him to feel blessed and happy to have the life he has,
and that success is not measured by the number of possessions one owns,
but by the love his heart, and the way in which he shares it with the world.

All to often I hear: "I want to give my child all the things I wasn't able to have a child."
You have heard people say that right?
Then I asked myself well... what didn't I have as a child?
Did I have a tree every year at Christmas? 
Did I get presents under the tree from Santa?
Did we have food to eat?
Did we have clothes to wear?
Did we have a bed to sleep in?
Did we have a house to come home to?
Then what would I give him that he doesn't already have?
More toys?
More expensive toys?
Expensive clothes?
I know that not everyone had these things growing up, I am not suggesting that we all did.
My point is that I think we get all too consumed with things, and content, and quantity 
rather than what really matters.
I have peace when I remember.....
"I have everything I need all the time"  
and the only time I struggle in life is when...
I think things should be different than they are.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!!  
Our's was the best yet!!! 
It was our first Christmas with our precious little Logan......
Here's a look....

Santas Lil' Helper 

Christmas Baby
Posing for Mom
Opening his first Christmas gift from G'pa
Reading with Daddy...
Mommy's favorite gift....
Christmas Tree at Grandma's
Kisses for Mickey
Playing with cousins

"Intense love does not measure, it just gives."
~Mother Teresa

Love and blessings to each and everyone in 2012,

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