Saturday, October 19, 2013

Summer Fun

(Sooo... I wrote this sometime in July, and I am just now getting around to posting it....time flies)

Lots of changes around these parts.
I am not working anymore as of June 11th.
I am a full time stay at home Mommy to my busy little bee, and it is so wonderful.

Practicing for his baby sister....
I had mixed feelings about staying home, and not sure I would be able to handle it.
It is much more work than actually going to a job every morning.
The first few weeks were really hard.
He threw fits, and protested, and didn't listen to anything I had to say, he wouldn't eat, or nap.
And screamed and whined most of the day.
I should have expected this because he doesn't do change well.
Actually that's not entirely true- it just takes him some time to adjust.
About one month, and magically we got on track, with a schedule even!!
Every morning at about 5am he bangs on his bedroom door, that's my queue to get up.
Then we have a snack, turn on cartoons, and I sort of "sleep" on the couch for another couple hours.
Hey-don't judge me.  I am pregnant with # 2 I need my sleep, the house is baby proofed and he can't get into the kitchen or any other rooms, so he is safe.
About 8 o'clock I peel myself up make some iced coffee, throw on some clothes, that still sorta fit, load up the stroller with sand toys, and walk to park across the street.

I am so proud of myself for doing this, for 2 reasons:
a) I am actually getting more exercise this pregnancy.
b) I am dressed and out of the house before 9am!
And of course, my bird gets social interaction, and gets to run around, and get tired so he has good nap.
Then we come home around 11, have some lunch (sometimes he eats) he is at his picky stage now.

Cap't America needs some lunch too....

Then its naptime.
12-3 Everyday!!!
Breaktime for this Momma.

Yeah, right.
I sure don't sit on the couch and watch soaps and eat bon bons.
Its time to clean, and do all the house things. laundry, dishes, vacuum, whatever it is.
Then I can relax.
I feel accomplished.
This summer staying home with my little has been eye opening for me.
Looking back, I feel as though he was a little stranger.
Trying to figure him out when I got home from work in the few short hours I had with him.
Now, being with him all day, I have acquired a ton more patience and time to come up with ideas on how to keep the tantrums at bay, and what to do to keep him busy.
We do all kinds of things.
So far this summer we have been:
To the Oak Park splash pad....

We have discovered a new park in Calabasas.....

We went to Camarillo to visit his little friend LJ, jumped on the trampoline, and went swimming.
Went to visit Aunt "Mickey's" house to "feed the tuwtle".
We did  painting, coloring, playdoh, and markering.

   Numerous trips to Target, he always gets some "coh corn" (popcorn), and a toy.

Kisses for Spidey 

We went to the mall to play inside because it was 102 degrees several times this summer....

It was a great summer filled with friends, family, food, and time spent with just me and my bird.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 8 {May 1, 2013}

I have been so itching to write to you all for some time now, but have had zero energy.
In additon to my lack of energy I have had the worst morning sickness of all time.
Yes we are expecting!!
Unexpectedly, but thrilled, nonetheless!!
And I just don't remember it being this bad.
And you guessed it, I am going to complain.
Because its where I am right now, and I can't see past it.
Its all I think about day and night.
The smells, oh the smells.  I don't miss not being able to smell EVERYTHING.
Things I shouldn't smell, I can smell.
Food I don't normally eat, is all I want.
So for the last 3 1/2 weeks which feels like an eternity,
I have been on a steady diet of fruit, and cheese.
Cheese of all kinds!!!
Macaroni and cheese, cheese and crackers, baked potato with cheese, cheese pizza.
I attempted to eat a salad and a nice sandwich, and it didn't go well. I will leave it at that.
My day looks something like this:
Wake up run to the kitchen, eat fruit, grapes, cantalope, whatever.
Drink some water, not too much or too fast, otherwise it starts to come back up.
Pour a glass of Sprite or 7up and make Logan breakfast.
Chase him down to change his diaper, and put his breakfast at his big boy table,
turn on cartoons, lay down on couch and try to rest.
15 minutes go by, Logan tears my blanket off and pulls my hand, GET UP, GET UP!!!
I find his monkey and his ni-night, lay him down on his side of the couch,
put covers back on lay down.
This repeats every 15 minutes for about an hour.
Then I peel my self off the couch, go to the kitchen make half a bagel with cream cheese
then to the bathroom to wash my face and get ready.
Logan comes to visit me several times during this time  and trys to steal my make up brushes: "Painting?? My painting!!"  He says.
This continues the rest of the time I am getting ready.
Then I pin him down change his clothes, comb his hair {sometimes} put his shoes on and head out the door, and wrestle him into the elevator to the car.
I have about an hour of traffic to work.
I stop and get a ice-blended coffee with whip cream. {I never drink these}
Then head up the elevator to my desk.
It is now about 9:30am.
I eat a granola bar, and make some lemon water.
An hour goes by, I am starving again.
I cut an orange.
An hour later, I have a banana.
Now its lunch time.
My leftovers I brought sound awful.
I walk to the corner and get the biggest cheeseiest piece of greasy pizza,
and order a Squirt (remember these?) to wash it down.
The rest of the day I munch on pretzels, string cheese, and fruit.
I head home about 5 o'clock.
I get home and the chicken I took out....not happening.
I can't even look at it without getting quesy.
I lay on the couch with my blanket, and ask Scott to make me a baked potato
with lots guess it... CHEESE.
Getting a bit rediculous, don't you think?
About 2 hours later I have some more fruit, and maybe half a bowl of cereal
I post here on the couch until about 7.
And sometimes I am able to peel myself up again, give Logan a bath and put him to bed.
Then I head back to the couch to lay down.
I usually fall asleep here, and Scott wakes me up to come to bed, at which time
I usually don't.  I lay there for another hour or so and wake up at about 11 and head to bed.

I remember having morning sickness with Logan.{which for me is really all day sickness}
But it was all day and all night.  At least this time it subsides at night so I can sleep.
My tiredness, sickness, lack of motivation to do anything. 
I barely have the energy in the morning to put clothes on and head out the door, but somehow I manage.
Needless, the house is a disaster. 
Which really disturbes me normally, but I am too sick to even care right now.
Laundry is piled up, clothes are everywhere, things are everywhere, dishwasher is always full, vacuum needs to ran, toilets need to be cleaned.  Its horrible.
But I just can't.  I am listening to my body and getting the rest I need. 
I am hopeful and counting down, that in 3 1/2 weeks, like last time, like clockwork....
At 11 weeks and 5 days, my morning sickness was GONE. 
Just like magic, and never came back.
Pray for me.
Did I mention how blessed and grateful I am to be having another little precious baby?
To give Logan a little brother or sister, who he can love, and teach, and grow, and play with?
Well, I am.
Its hard to tell right now, but I never forget that.
It is tough, but definitely worth it all.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sharing the Love

I was sitting at a meeting tonight...and Scott pointed out the girl in front of us is one of our friends from Highschool's little sister.  Remember her?  Oh yeah, she was so young, like yay high.  I thought to myself, wow she is beautiful!!!  Half way through the evening she turned around and waved hello, I waved back and smiled.  When the meeting is over, she comes over and says "Hi, do you remember me?"  "Yes vaguely, you were so little, and it was so long ago"  {Vaguely??!! Did I really say that?}  I think I did.  She gave me a hug and said "Wow you are so beautiful, it's really nice to see you."  I was completely caught of guard, how did she know I was thinking that about her?  Then in the most awkwardly modest tone, I thanked her, but I wanted to say it back. I thought, well she said it first I don't want her to think I said it just because she did.  Why do I do that?  This is not the first time it has happened to me.  Shamefully, it has happened a lot, not that I get a ton of compliments all the time kind of thing, but whatever the case maybe, I usually don't say it first, or at all.  This time I really felt it, the tug on my heart, you know the one you wished you would have said what you really felt, but didn't?  I don't do compliments well, I don't do well getting them or giving them, it is something I am working on.  I think it is important to tell others how special they are, even in the smallest ways, and I struggle doing so sometimes.

It's women like this who make me better.  Who teach me.  Who give me courage because they are full of it.  It reminds me, that without everyone else, I am not me.  I don't learn, and I don't grow. I don't become better.  Thank you Katie, for being so full of love, that you shared it with me, so that next time, I will let go of my fear, and remember to share that love too.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Pity Party of 1

So there are moments when I cannot stop thinking about how I am doing this whole Mom thing all wrong.
Everyone else has got it together, except for me.
Sometimes I feel like I am missing a "Mom gene".
Because among other things..... poo and boogers still completely gross me out.
During these times I it this hard for everyone else or just me?
Why can't I seem to find  patience?
Lately, my little sweet boy is somewhat of a little monster.
Now I suppose this is typical of a 2 year old, but....
Now- I new that one day this would happen.
That it was coming, the "terrible two's", but I didn't know what it would feel like.
He will not listen to anything I ask.
I practically have to drag him into the elevator, on the way to the car.
He refuses to have his poop changed.
He throws his food, and sippy cup on the floor... at every meal.
He screams and whines, most of the day.
He is now waking up, not once but twice a night for the past month.
And I am TIRED!!!!
I know I mention that I am tired in almost every post, but GEEZ!!  Can't a girl catch a break?
I cannot remember the last time I was NOT tired.
Probably 3 years ago.
Granted,  he is only 2 years and a couple months, but while I was pregnant
I was up 3-8 times a night anyway.
So going on 3 years, with maybe 5 full nights sleep, not a good combo.
And I am really starting to feel it.
I feel sad, guilty, tired, and depressed.
I feel like I shouldn't feel that way.
I am blessed with a beautiful healthy son, and so many other people have it so much worse. I should be grateful.
And I am, but I can't ignore how I am feeling right now.
And when the pity party rains, it pours.
I start thinking about all the things around the house I need to catch up on
What I am not doing enough of,
What I should be doing more of,
What I am not good at,
How I should be trying harder at this and that.
Blah, blah, blah.
My house always feels like a mess, but all I do is clean, I don't understand how that makes any sense.
He is a little tornado, leaving a trail where ever he goes.
Once again I haven't been making the time for myself.
To recharge, and relax.
But it is really hard to do, its hard to get away, and not too feel guilty while your away, and half the time I am way too exhausted to even get ready and leave the house to go do anything anyways.
I also haven't set foot in a gym in years.
I am sure it would help to do some yoga once in a while.
I also know its time for me to reach out to my higher power and give it away.
I tend to forget about this lovely tool too often.
"Remove my fears, and direct my attention to who you would have me be."
Thats my rant for the day.
Praying for a brighter tomorrow.
How do you de-stress??
I need ideas.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The First Month of Preschool

So I am not really feelin this whole preschool gig anymore.
The past 4 weeks have been hell-ish.
To add to all that you are about to read...
I was sick for the past 10 days.
Scott got rear ended, his truck is in the shop.
And this happened...
My hurt foot
Cuddles for Momma and her hurt foot

Most you probably already know this via my Facebook updates.
Maybe I shouldn't update my status every time I sneeze and I might have something to write about.
Well at least I can elaborate here.
And trust me... I elaborate.
I will love you forever if you make it to the end of this post.
I like to stell torries tell stories- wow I am tired.
And I like to tell them in detail, so you really feel like  you were there.
The ride home on his first day...look at those tired little eyes....

About 4 weeks ago, I wrote about our journey to preschool.
How proud  I was of my little boy for accepting the change so well.
How much I loved the school, the teachers and the curriculum.
Well, I might have been a bit over zealous.
His first week... well his first 4 days anyway.  He didn't go his first Monday because he was still a little stuffy from before we went to the snow- which was a blast by the way, I will tell you about that next time.
He decides to wake up with a boogery nose the Thursday before we left.
I am convinced he was teething, because he had no other symptoms and no fever, and STILL no teeth.
But I kept him home his first day just incase.
So his first 4 days were great!
He didn't make peep when I left, he hardly noticed I was gone.
He played, did arts and crafts, circle time, he slept at naptime and over all seemed un-phased.

His very first Preschool paper

Telling me about his day....{in toddler speak, which 
 mostly I don't understand but it was cute}
 Then came the second week.
Tears every single day that I left..
Which as a Momma, the hardest thing to do is turn your back and walk away
as your precious baby wails his heart out.
Then the Third week...more tears.
Tears on the way to school, tears on the way back.
And it didn't end when we got home:
Whining following by screaming, followed by tantrums, refusal to eat, protesting bath time,
protesting diaper changing, protesting getting dressed in the morning- you name it!!
Frequent night wakenings, 2-5 times a night!!
I felt like I had a newborn again.
I was a zombie, devoid of patience, and starting to loose my mind.
OH wait!  It gets better...
Me as a Zombie...

When I picked him up Wednesday... he had boogery eyes, a boogery nose, and a fever.
The next Thursday I kept him home, and took him to the doc.
Double pink eye, sinus infection, and the start of a double ear infection.  Yay.
{I got sick the same week he did btw.}
I couldn't believe it.  But I was warned.  With Preschool comes more sickness.
So Friday we stayed home too.
We definitely got to catch up on our cuddle time, but I felt horrible that he was so miserable.
He improved a lot over the weekend, and Monday he seemed almost 100%.

My little sickly :*(

So we decided to brave the freeway and head to school.
About 1/2 a mile from our exit, he started squirming and whining.
I reassured him we were almost there, and we were gonna see Ms. Keisha, and have fun at school.
And then I hear a strange gurgling... and I thought..."No-it can't be"
No sooner than I looked in my rear view mirror and- up came his breakfast all down the front of his shirt, and trickled down his brand new adorable Shaun White skinny jeans....and then again about 5 more times.
I starred in disbelieve for a few seconds, and then patted whatever part of his body I could find that wasn't covered in vomit, and told him its okay honey, it's okay, it the softest voice a Momma has.
Then I panicked....
What do you do when you panic?
Well....I call my Mom.
"Oh my God!!  You will not BELIEVE what just happened!!"
This was a  first for me and us... {barf in the car}
I wasn't even sure how I was going to clean it up, I didn't know what to do, so glad I called Mom.
She said pull over, clean him off, change his clothes, wipe him up.
"What about the carseat??!!   How in the world am I going to get the chunks out of all these crevices??!!"
Mom- "Put it in the bathtub and rinse it out."
Me- "Oh right, good idea.  You have done this before, I can tell"
I followed her directions and went home.
Thank God sister was home and only lives a few doors down.
I woke her up to come help me lug all the contaminated items upstairs.
He took an early nap which gave me time to scrub the carseat with a toothbrush and do his laundry.
I spoke to the Doc, she said rest up and relax, lots of cuddles, keep and eye on his fever, and lots of fluids.
We took it easy, and he seemed okay the rest of the day.
Tuesday he woke up in a good mood, and had breakfast, played, watched cartoons.

{Random inserted picture} of me looking... not so zombie-ish, a little sleep 
and make-up does wonders- people!!

So we tried again.
About 2 miles from the last place it happened.  It happened again.
Barf all over.
I was beside myself.
I got off the freeway pulled over and almost cried.
I collected myself, got into the backseat and proceeded to clean him off once more.
This time, I didn't have any wipes.
Or a change of clothes, or anything.
I have a pair of pants in the trunk that I had to use to clean him off.
I cleaned him off the best I could, put his {clean} sweater on him, and did what any good Mom would do.
{Don't judge me}
I drove to Target, bought him a new pair of clothes, cleaned him off in the bathroom,
got back in the car, and drove to school.
Yeah, I did that.
Because at this point, I was convinced that he was carsick.
What gave it away??
It was after he lost his breakfast for the second day in a row, he started singing, and dancing in his carseat.
Like it never happened.
So off to school he went.
There were no tears that day.
Because when we got to school, there were bunnies hopping all around the classroom.
Distraction!!  Now was my chance...
To sneak away and not have to watch that gut wrenching performance, even if for only a day.

Wednesday and Thursday drop-off at school... same story.
I call everyday to see how he is doing and check everyday after school to see if it's improving.
He is doing all of the activities, but he is still adjusting, give it time, they tell me.
One of the teachers is always holding him when I go to pick him up, which is totally fine.
They know he is having a hard time with the change and they make every effort
to help him feel as cozy as they can.
"He is very clingy today, but we don't mind because he is so cute!"
It doesn't seem to be easing up.
Scott doesn't get to see right after school anymore.
They would go to the park everyday about 4:30.
Now we don't get home until 6 and bedtime is at 8.
It has become a very long day for him.
And Preschool is very busy, and very noisy.
I know he has been sick so that hasn't helped any.
But how long to I "wait for him to adjust".
Its been really hard on us too, not getting much sleep, and seeing him so unhappy.
We are thinking about putting him back in daycare.
These are the decisions we as parents get to make for our children, because right now they are too small to speak for themselves.
We are their voice.
We take in the evidence...
Examine it with our senses...
and come to the best possible decision.
Sometimes it's not always the right one, and sometimes "the right one" doesn't exist.
It's in those times that I am reminded that its about the journey not the destination.
It's in the practicing that we get better, that we strive to perfect our craft as parents...
and we learn to listen with the heart.
And the answers come...
He might not be ready for preschool just yet.
and that perfectly okay.
He decided upon a blue mustache, and licked the marker afterward



Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Preschool Jitters

I am so nervous about his first day of preschool.
I even have butterflies every time I think of it.
And not the good kind.
The flutter of nervousness in your stomach kind.

This will be his 3rd school since he started a young 4 months old.
It was hard having to put him in daycare so young, but a friend referred me
to someone who had her daycare for 25 years, and her sons practically grew up there.
It was great for him.
He was the only baby, and so he got all the attention.
Then she got really busy, and started collecting more kids.
A total of 3 babies, and 9 kids.
When he started there was only 6 kids, and him.
It was time to move on.
I looked and looked for a new daycare, and went to visit a few different places.
When we found them.
A small in home daycare with tons, and I mean TONS of toys.

Three different playrooms, a backyard, and swim lessons in the summertime.
Story and music time every morning.

Home cooked organic meals, made with veggies from their family garden.
Alkaline water filtration system.  (I didn't even know those existed)
A soft spoken Mom of 2.
It didn't get much better than that.
He spent 2 birthdays, and 2 Christmas seasons with her.
She helped the little ones make crafts each holiday.
She told us how he did and what he did every single day.
What he ate, how long he slept, what he liked to play with.

Somehow I think preschool might be a little different.
But I think I am ready.
I wasn't going to talk much about why we decided to make this change, because I have struggled so much with my decision.
But that is exactly why I think I should.
Because as a Momma I sometimes doubt myself.
My instincts as a parent.
My gut feeling.
My better judgement.
What if I am wrong?
Did I decide this out of haste?
Am I being selfish?
Is this the best thing for him?
Is he going to respond well to this change?
Will he take his nap in a little cot instead of the crib?
Will the kids play with him?
Will he play with them?

In spite of all my fears, I (we) decided that he was ready.
He needed more.
More outside playtime.
More stimulation.
More time learning.
You see, I can count on one hand how many times this child has slept through the night,
in his ENTIRE life, and guess what??  This Momma is tired.
I have a theory....
If he spends more time outside playing, and getting excercise and fresh air, the more tired he will be, and eventually get a full nights sleep, right?
I am hopeful anyway.
Too much stimulation isn't good, but I think too little is equally as bad.
He is definitly ready for more structure, and less free play.
Its great for kids to play, and play with toys, its how they learn.
But there are so many other components to learning.
Art is one of them.
Since he discovered pens he marks on everything!
The wall, the couch, the fridge, himself!!

So they don't play with pens much at daycare, and then trying
to remove a pen from him?
Takes sincere effort, followed by a tantrum.
But he loves to color, and write with pens, markers, paint, and playdoh.
At this new school, he will get to that EVERYDAY!!!!
He will also have a slightly shorter nap time, which may help him 
sleep longer at night too.
{Fingers crossed}

And of course there is the learning part of school.
Where they will actually teach him things:
Colors, shapes, numbers, letters, animals, manners, patience, and sharing.
Just what my busy lil boy needs right now.
Because in daycare, he was the only one who still had
to sit in a highchair at mealtime.
Why you ask?
He would get up and run around with his food, and try to eat other kids food. 

{Thats him in the babychair attached to the table,shoveling his muffin,LOL}

He was the only one who climbed on EVERYTHING.
He will not sit still.
He is curious, and adventurous.
He is a boy.
From what I hear, he is perfectly normal.
But she suggested he might have ADD, and maybe I should look into a modifed diet to help curb some of his symptoms.
That comment was extremely disheartening, for more than obvious reasons.
It did however, spark the thought, that maybe this wasn't the right place for him and what he needed anymore.
And with all this, I struggled with our decision to put him in preschool.
I didn't think these reasons were good enough.
Nothing bad happened, and I wasn't angry.
When I gave her my 2 week notice and told her he would start preschool.
Tears welled up in her eyes, and of course I felt for her.
I could see that she really enjoyed having him,
despite some of her comments.
I knew she would miss him, and the other kids would too.
I told her it wasn't her fault, and she didn't do anything wrong, we love it here, but he is ready to be in preschool, we are ready for him to be in preschool.
For the next 2 weeks I doubted my decision.
I am sure I bored my friends and family to tears with my repetitive fears about this.
But I needed someone to tell me I was making the right choice, that would be okay, and that he would be okay.
They reminded me that God has a plan, a plan for us, and a plan for Logan.
But I still couldn't help but feel twinges of fear and doubt along the way.
What I realized was, that I needed me to tell me it was okay.
That is was okay to want change for him, and it wasn't selfish.
That I needed to trust the process and have faith.
I needed to be okay with my baby not being so little anymore,
and starting preschool.
I think those words scared me.
I wasn't sure that he was ready.
I was the one who wasn't ready.
Either way it was going to happen because more of me felt that it was right, than the small part of me that was afraid of all the what if's.

So it was.
His first day, of preschool today.
And he did fantastic.
He loved it, he waltzed right in like he owned the place.
He felt right at home, and started playing and exploring.
{This one isn't shy at all.}
He took a nap on his little cot.
He played with other kids, and they played with him.
None of my fears came true..
Not a single one.
I am one proud Momma.

I love this boy...

{Big boy with his lunch box}

"Having a two-year-old is like having a blender
that you don't have the top for."   

 ~Jerry Seinfeld




Tuesday, February 12, 2013

To My Sweet 2 Year Old.

My Dearest Pumpkin,

It feels like yesterday when I held you for the very first time.  You were so fragile and tiny.

Fast forward 2 are like a little person.  

Well you are, but its hard to believe how fast you are growing up.  My heart can't keep up. You are so tall now and VERY heavy, you weight  almost 30 lbs!  But I still hold you and pick you up all the time.  I can't resist your squishy arms held high in the air as you lean against Momma and tell me... "up? up?"
You have changed my life so much since you have joined our family.  I never knew my heart could love this much.  And with all this love, of course comes worry.   I worry about everything.
I still pretty much mince your food every chance I get because I worry.  I worry about your safety all the time! I worry about  how much sleep you are getting, or not getting, how many "educational" toys you have, or don't have, how much outside playtime you have, how much Momma & Dadda time you have.
I feel guilty for being at work, and not being home to raise you myself.
These are the things that plague my conscience daily.  I want you to have the very best life,
and have the very best chance to be most you can be, and I will do anything
to make that happen.  Words cannot express how very much I love you, and
how lucky I am to be your Mommy.  You are so big now.  You say all kinds of words...
there was a time when I worried that you wouldn't ever talk.  You like to jump off of EVERYTHING, you love Mickey Mouse, and Puss in Boots.  You had your first cookie, cinnamon roll, and candy cane  this last Christmas.  Momma was feeling generous at the time, I paid for that later.

Some of my many favorite things about you right now are:
That most of the time you absolutely refuse to use a fork,
You do your own thing, on your time, you don't care what the other kids are doing.
You can play by yourself or with others depends on your mood.
You call giraffes cows, and a cow says "booooo".
Your high pitched meow, when you immitate a cat.
When you get upset and you are not done with whatever you are doing... you yell
"Noooo wait!!!" in your sweet little boy voice.
Auntie Cole is "Ah Cole" and anyone who lives at Ah Cole's house is Ah Cole too.
You love your nap time, and so does Momma, you give me a much needed break
every afternoon, thank you for that.
You almost always give me hugs and kisses when I ask for them, sometimes
not even prompted and you give me "lovies".
So many other things you say and do make you so sweet and so special,
I am so glad that you chose me.
It has been a joy watching you grow, and you have brought me so much peace, and
taught me to slow down and enjoy the little things.

You had an awesome birthday weekend!
Here at the highlights:
Friday you had muffins and gave out goody bags with all the kids at school, and since Momma couldn't find you a birthday crown, I got you a pirate hat instead, you wore it ALL day.

Saturday we went to Kidspace Museum and you loved the water fountains
(as usual) anything with water is a blast for you.

There were tons of toys, and climbers, and stuff to do, which you did play with for a little while, but then you wanted to run to the farthest corners of the park and hike up a muddy hill.
You are such a boy.
Momma bought you a kangaroo climber, got it home and attmepted to put it together about 8 times, finally succeeding ont he 8th try.  Only to take it apart that night and take it back to the store, it was way to small for you. :*(
{Thank goodness you didn't notice it was gone the next morning, I was worried.... again.}

Sunday Feb 3rd, 2013 was your birthday.
We filled your room with balloons and you loved it!!!

There are still about 27 large balloons floating around the entire house.
Then we had breakfast at our favorite place- Henri's of course.
You watched Mickey and ate french toast, and bacon, you even used your fork.

Then we went to the park and played, then off to Toys R Us to get you a new birthday toy!

After testing out all the goods and spending about an hour,
we finally decided on a red Radio Flyer scooter, and a tent tunnel that you can crawl through.
So far you only stand on the scooter and wait for someone to push you around on it, but I am confident you will pick it up in no time.
Then we went to the grocery store, for some birthday ice cream, then home for your nap.
G'ma came over at about 2:30 and woke you up from your nap and brought you a BIG cupcake, which you picked all the sprinkles off and ate them, you wanted little to do with the cake itself.  You also shared some sprinkles with G'ma.

Mom finally got ready and packed up the stroller and off we went to L & D's.
You had a fabulous time playing with all your cousies, I have never seen you interact as much as I did today. It made my heart warm.
You laughed, and ran, and jumped, and wore helmets and gloves, and chased each other around and around, you even shared, and you smiled all day.

Then came birthday cake time.  Momma was so excited to have everyone sing to you, hoping that you would feel the love that was felt for you in the room at that very moment.
But Momma left the candle too close to you and turned around, you tried to grab it and everyone screamed, you got scared and cried through our entire song of Happy Birthday.
It broke my heart to see those great big crocodile tears from my baby bird on your big day.
But you got over pretty quick and dove right into your cupcake.

Your family loves you so much, they are so thoughtful and kind, and know you so well
because they take the time to.  I love that about them.
You got so many wonderful gifts, all your favorite things.
Everyone was there Grandpa Marvin, Grandma Ruby, Greg & Jackie, Lucas, Dillion,
Mike & Kimi, Wyatt, Walker, Uncle Charlie, G'ma Sherrie, and of course the
generous hosts Uncle Louie, and Aunt Dorrel.
Most of all everyone was there to share your day, and wish you the happiest birthday ever.

I think you may have even known that today and this weekend was extra special,
your little grin and the twinkle in your eye told me so.

I love you so much more than words.


Your Momma

P.S.  Today was your actual "due date", but we evicted you a little early.