Tuesday, February 12, 2013

To My Sweet 2 Year Old.

My Dearest Pumpkin,

It feels like yesterday when I held you for the very first time.  You were so fragile and tiny.

Fast forward 2 years....you are like a little person.  

Well you are, but its hard to believe how fast you are growing up.  My heart can't keep up. You are so tall now and VERY heavy, you weight  almost 30 lbs!  But I still hold you and pick you up all the time.  I can't resist your squishy arms held high in the air as you lean against Momma and tell me... "up? up?"
You have changed my life so much since you have joined our family.  I never knew my heart could love this much.  And with all this love, of course comes worry.   I worry about everything.
I still pretty much mince your food every chance I get because I worry.  I worry about your safety all the time! I worry about  how much sleep you are getting, or not getting, how many "educational" toys you have, or don't have, how much outside playtime you have, how much Momma & Dadda time you have.
I feel guilty for being at work, and not being home to raise you myself.
These are the things that plague my conscience daily.  I want you to have the very best life,
and have the very best chance to be most you can be, and I will do anything
to make that happen.  Words cannot express how very much I love you, and
how lucky I am to be your Mommy.  You are so big now.  You say all kinds of words...
there was a time when I worried that you wouldn't ever talk.  You like to jump off of EVERYTHING, you love Mickey Mouse, and Puss in Boots.  You had your first cookie, cinnamon roll, and candy cane  this last Christmas.  Momma was feeling generous at the time, I paid for that later.

Some of my many favorite things about you right now are:
That most of the time you absolutely refuse to use a fork,
You do your own thing, on your time, you don't care what the other kids are doing.
You can play by yourself or with others depends on your mood.
You call giraffes cows, and a cow says "booooo".
Your high pitched meow, when you immitate a cat.
When you get upset and you are not done with whatever you are doing... you yell
"Noooo wait!!!" in your sweet little boy voice.
Auntie Cole is "Ah Cole" and anyone who lives at Ah Cole's house is Ah Cole too.
You love your nap time, and so does Momma, you give me a much needed break
every afternoon, thank you for that.
You almost always give me hugs and kisses when I ask for them, sometimes
not even prompted and you give me "lovies".
So many other things you say and do make you so sweet and so special,
I am so glad that you chose me.
It has been a joy watching you grow, and you have brought me so much peace, and
taught me to slow down and enjoy the little things.

You had an awesome birthday weekend!
Here at the highlights:
Friday you had muffins and gave out goody bags with all the kids at school, and since Momma couldn't find you a birthday crown, I got you a pirate hat instead, you wore it ALL day.

Saturday we went to Kidspace Museum and you loved the water fountains
(as usual) anything with water is a blast for you.

There were tons of toys, and climbers, and stuff to do, which you did play with for a little while, but then you wanted to run to the farthest corners of the park and hike up a muddy hill.
You are such a boy.
Momma bought you a kangaroo climber, got it home and attmepted to put it together about 8 times, finally succeeding ont he 8th try.  Only to take it apart that night and take it back to the store, it was way to small for you. :*(
{Thank goodness you didn't notice it was gone the next morning, I was worried.... again.}

Sunday Feb 3rd, 2013 was your birthday.
We filled your room with balloons and you loved it!!!

There are still about 27 large balloons floating around the entire house.
Then we had breakfast at our favorite place- Henri's of course.
You watched Mickey and ate french toast, and bacon, you even used your fork.

Then we went to the park and played, then off to Toys R Us to get you a new birthday toy!

After testing out all the goods and spending about an hour,
we finally decided on a red Radio Flyer scooter, and a tent tunnel that you can crawl through.
So far you only stand on the scooter and wait for someone to push you around on it, but I am confident you will pick it up in no time.
Then we went to the grocery store, for some birthday ice cream, then home for your nap.
G'ma came over at about 2:30 and woke you up from your nap and brought you a BIG cupcake, which you picked all the sprinkles off and ate them, you wanted little to do with the cake itself.  You also shared some sprinkles with G'ma.

Mom finally got ready and packed up the stroller and off we went to L & D's.
You had a fabulous time playing with all your cousies, I have never seen you interact as much as I did today. It made my heart warm.
You laughed, and ran, and jumped, and wore helmets and gloves, and chased each other around and around, you even shared, and you smiled all day.

Then came birthday cake time.  Momma was so excited to have everyone sing to you, hoping that you would feel the love that was felt for you in the room at that very moment.
But Momma left the candle too close to you and turned around, you tried to grab it and everyone screamed, you got scared and cried through our entire song of Happy Birthday.
It broke my heart to see those great big crocodile tears from my baby bird on your big day.
But you got over pretty quick and dove right into your cupcake.

Your family loves you so much, they are so thoughtful and kind, and know you so well
because they take the time to.  I love that about them.
You got so many wonderful gifts, all your favorite things.
Everyone was there Grandpa Marvin, Grandma Ruby, Greg & Jackie, Lucas, Dillion,
Mike & Kimi, Wyatt, Walker, Uncle Charlie, G'ma Sherrie, and of course the
generous hosts Uncle Louie, and Aunt Dorrel.
Most of all everyone was there to share your day, and wish you the happiest birthday ever.

I think you may have even known that today and this weekend was extra special,
your little grin and the twinkle in your eye told me so.

I love you so much more than words.


Your Momma

P.S.  Today was your actual "due date", but we evicted you a little early.


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  1. Aww! Thanks for sharing, Misty. I feel like I got to be there. What a special birthday you had planned for him! Love love love!