Saturday, March 23, 2013

The First Month of Preschool

So I am not really feelin this whole preschool gig anymore.
The past 4 weeks have been hell-ish.
To add to all that you are about to read...
I was sick for the past 10 days.
Scott got rear ended, his truck is in the shop.
And this happened...
My hurt foot
Cuddles for Momma and her hurt foot

Most you probably already know this via my Facebook updates.
Maybe I shouldn't update my status every time I sneeze and I might have something to write about.
Well at least I can elaborate here.
And trust me... I elaborate.
I will love you forever if you make it to the end of this post.
I like to stell torries tell stories- wow I am tired.
And I like to tell them in detail, so you really feel like  you were there.
The ride home on his first day...look at those tired little eyes....

About 4 weeks ago, I wrote about our journey to preschool.
How proud  I was of my little boy for accepting the change so well.
How much I loved the school, the teachers and the curriculum.
Well, I might have been a bit over zealous.
His first week... well his first 4 days anyway.  He didn't go his first Monday because he was still a little stuffy from before we went to the snow- which was a blast by the way, I will tell you about that next time.
He decides to wake up with a boogery nose the Thursday before we left.
I am convinced he was teething, because he had no other symptoms and no fever, and STILL no teeth.
But I kept him home his first day just incase.
So his first 4 days were great!
He didn't make peep when I left, he hardly noticed I was gone.
He played, did arts and crafts, circle time, he slept at naptime and over all seemed un-phased.

His very first Preschool paper

Telling me about his day....{in toddler speak, which 
 mostly I don't understand but it was cute}
 Then came the second week.
Tears every single day that I left..
Which as a Momma, the hardest thing to do is turn your back and walk away
as your precious baby wails his heart out.
Then the Third week...more tears.
Tears on the way to school, tears on the way back.
And it didn't end when we got home:
Whining following by screaming, followed by tantrums, refusal to eat, protesting bath time,
protesting diaper changing, protesting getting dressed in the morning- you name it!!
Frequent night wakenings, 2-5 times a night!!
I felt like I had a newborn again.
I was a zombie, devoid of patience, and starting to loose my mind.
OH wait!  It gets better...
Me as a Zombie...

When I picked him up Wednesday... he had boogery eyes, a boogery nose, and a fever.
The next Thursday I kept him home, and took him to the doc.
Double pink eye, sinus infection, and the start of a double ear infection.  Yay.
{I got sick the same week he did btw.}
I couldn't believe it.  But I was warned.  With Preschool comes more sickness.
So Friday we stayed home too.
We definitely got to catch up on our cuddle time, but I felt horrible that he was so miserable.
He improved a lot over the weekend, and Monday he seemed almost 100%.

My little sickly :*(

So we decided to brave the freeway and head to school.
About 1/2 a mile from our exit, he started squirming and whining.
I reassured him we were almost there, and we were gonna see Ms. Keisha, and have fun at school.
And then I hear a strange gurgling... and I thought..."No-it can't be"
No sooner than I looked in my rear view mirror and- up came his breakfast all down the front of his shirt, and trickled down his brand new adorable Shaun White skinny jeans....and then again about 5 more times.
I starred in disbelieve for a few seconds, and then patted whatever part of his body I could find that wasn't covered in vomit, and told him its okay honey, it's okay, it the softest voice a Momma has.
Then I panicked....
What do you do when you panic?
Well....I call my Mom.
"Oh my God!!  You will not BELIEVE what just happened!!"
This was a  first for me and us... {barf in the car}
I wasn't even sure how I was going to clean it up, I didn't know what to do, so glad I called Mom.
She said pull over, clean him off, change his clothes, wipe him up.
"What about the carseat??!!   How in the world am I going to get the chunks out of all these crevices??!!"
Mom- "Put it in the bathtub and rinse it out."
Me- "Oh right, good idea.  You have done this before, I can tell"
I followed her directions and went home.
Thank God sister was home and only lives a few doors down.
I woke her up to come help me lug all the contaminated items upstairs.
He took an early nap which gave me time to scrub the carseat with a toothbrush and do his laundry.
I spoke to the Doc, she said rest up and relax, lots of cuddles, keep and eye on his fever, and lots of fluids.
We took it easy, and he seemed okay the rest of the day.
Tuesday he woke up in a good mood, and had breakfast, played, watched cartoons.

{Random inserted picture} of me looking... not so zombie-ish, a little sleep 
and make-up does wonders- people!!

So we tried again.
About 2 miles from the last place it happened.  It happened again.
Barf all over.
I was beside myself.
I got off the freeway pulled over and almost cried.
I collected myself, got into the backseat and proceeded to clean him off once more.
This time, I didn't have any wipes.
Or a change of clothes, or anything.
I have a pair of pants in the trunk that I had to use to clean him off.
I cleaned him off the best I could, put his {clean} sweater on him, and did what any good Mom would do.
{Don't judge me}
I drove to Target, bought him a new pair of clothes, cleaned him off in the bathroom,
got back in the car, and drove to school.
Yeah, I did that.
Because at this point, I was convinced that he was carsick.
What gave it away??
It was after he lost his breakfast for the second day in a row, he started singing, and dancing in his carseat.
Like it never happened.
So off to school he went.
There were no tears that day.
Because when we got to school, there were bunnies hopping all around the classroom.
Distraction!!  Now was my chance...
To sneak away and not have to watch that gut wrenching performance, even if for only a day.

Wednesday and Thursday drop-off at school... same story.
I call everyday to see how he is doing and check everyday after school to see if it's improving.
He is doing all of the activities, but he is still adjusting, give it time, they tell me.
One of the teachers is always holding him when I go to pick him up, which is totally fine.
They know he is having a hard time with the change and they make every effort
to help him feel as cozy as they can.
"He is very clingy today, but we don't mind because he is so cute!"
It doesn't seem to be easing up.
Scott doesn't get to see right after school anymore.
They would go to the park everyday about 4:30.
Now we don't get home until 6 and bedtime is at 8.
It has become a very long day for him.
And Preschool is very busy, and very noisy.
I know he has been sick so that hasn't helped any.
But how long to I "wait for him to adjust".
Its been really hard on us too, not getting much sleep, and seeing him so unhappy.
We are thinking about putting him back in daycare.
These are the decisions we as parents get to make for our children, because right now they are too small to speak for themselves.
We are their voice.
We take in the evidence...
Examine it with our senses...
and come to the best possible decision.
Sometimes it's not always the right one, and sometimes "the right one" doesn't exist.
It's in those times that I am reminded that its about the journey not the destination.
It's in the practicing that we get better, that we strive to perfect our craft as parents...
and we learn to listen with the heart.
And the answers come...
He might not be ready for preschool just yet.
and that perfectly okay.
He decided upon a blue mustache, and licked the marker afterward



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