Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sharing the Love

I was sitting at a meeting tonight...and Scott pointed out the girl in front of us is one of our friends from Highschool's little sister.  Remember her?  Oh yeah, she was so young, like yay high.  I thought to myself, wow she is beautiful!!!  Half way through the evening she turned around and waved hello, I waved back and smiled.  When the meeting is over, she comes over and says "Hi, do you remember me?"  "Yes vaguely, you were so little, and it was so long ago"  {Vaguely??!! Did I really say that?}  I think I did.  She gave me a hug and said "Wow you are so beautiful, it's really nice to see you."  I was completely caught of guard, how did she know I was thinking that about her?  Then in the most awkwardly modest tone, I thanked her, but I wanted to say it back. I thought, well she said it first I don't want her to think I said it just because she did.  Why do I do that?  This is not the first time it has happened to me.  Shamefully, it has happened a lot, not that I get a ton of compliments all the time kind of thing, but whatever the case maybe, I usually don't say it first, or at all.  This time I really felt it, the tug on my heart, you know the one you wished you would have said what you really felt, but didn't?  I don't do compliments well, I don't do well getting them or giving them, it is something I am working on.  I think it is important to tell others how special they are, even in the smallest ways, and I struggle doing so sometimes.

It's women like this who make me better.  Who teach me.  Who give me courage because they are full of it.  It reminds me, that without everyone else, I am not me.  I don't learn, and I don't grow. I don't become better.  Thank you Katie, for being so full of love, that you shared it with me, so that next time, I will let go of my fear, and remember to share that love too.


  1. Misty! i love this little story. You are an amazing writer.



  2. Oh this is such a good post! It is so true we need to lift each other up and compliment each other.