Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 8 {May 1, 2013}

I have been so itching to write to you all for some time now, but have had zero energy.
In additon to my lack of energy I have had the worst morning sickness of all time.
Yes we are expecting!!
Unexpectedly, but thrilled, nonetheless!!
And I just don't remember it being this bad.
And you guessed it, I am going to complain.
Because its where I am right now, and I can't see past it.
Its all I think about day and night.
The smells, oh the smells.  I don't miss not being able to smell EVERYTHING.
Things I shouldn't smell, I can smell.
Food I don't normally eat, is all I want.
So for the last 3 1/2 weeks which feels like an eternity,
I have been on a steady diet of fruit, and cheese.
Cheese of all kinds!!!
Macaroni and cheese, cheese and crackers, baked potato with cheese, cheese pizza.
I attempted to eat a salad and a nice sandwich, and it didn't go well. I will leave it at that.
My day looks something like this:
Wake up run to the kitchen, eat fruit, grapes, cantalope, whatever.
Drink some water, not too much or too fast, otherwise it starts to come back up.
Pour a glass of Sprite or 7up and make Logan breakfast.
Chase him down to change his diaper, and put his breakfast at his big boy table,
turn on cartoons, lay down on couch and try to rest.
15 minutes go by, Logan tears my blanket off and pulls my hand, GET UP, GET UP!!!
I find his monkey and his ni-night, lay him down on his side of the couch,
put covers back on lay down.
This repeats every 15 minutes for about an hour.
Then I peel my self off the couch, go to the kitchen make half a bagel with cream cheese
then to the bathroom to wash my face and get ready.
Logan comes to visit me several times during this time  and trys to steal my make up brushes: "Painting?? My painting!!"  He says.
This continues the rest of the time I am getting ready.
Then I pin him down change his clothes, comb his hair {sometimes} put his shoes on and head out the door, and wrestle him into the elevator to the car.
I have about an hour of traffic to work.
I stop and get a ice-blended coffee with whip cream. {I never drink these}
Then head up the elevator to my desk.
It is now about 9:30am.
I eat a granola bar, and make some lemon water.
An hour goes by, I am starving again.
I cut an orange.
An hour later, I have a banana.
Now its lunch time.
My leftovers I brought sound awful.
I walk to the corner and get the biggest cheeseiest piece of greasy pizza,
and order a Squirt (remember these?) to wash it down.
The rest of the day I munch on pretzels, string cheese, and fruit.
I head home about 5 o'clock.
I get home and the chicken I took out....not happening.
I can't even look at it without getting quesy.
I lay on the couch with my blanket, and ask Scott to make me a baked potato
with lots guess it... CHEESE.
Getting a bit rediculous, don't you think?
About 2 hours later I have some more fruit, and maybe half a bowl of cereal
I post here on the couch until about 7.
And sometimes I am able to peel myself up again, give Logan a bath and put him to bed.
Then I head back to the couch to lay down.
I usually fall asleep here, and Scott wakes me up to come to bed, at which time
I usually don't.  I lay there for another hour or so and wake up at about 11 and head to bed.

I remember having morning sickness with Logan.{which for me is really all day sickness}
But it was all day and all night.  At least this time it subsides at night so I can sleep.
My tiredness, sickness, lack of motivation to do anything. 
I barely have the energy in the morning to put clothes on and head out the door, but somehow I manage.
Needless, the house is a disaster. 
Which really disturbes me normally, but I am too sick to even care right now.
Laundry is piled up, clothes are everywhere, things are everywhere, dishwasher is always full, vacuum needs to ran, toilets need to be cleaned.  Its horrible.
But I just can't.  I am listening to my body and getting the rest I need. 
I am hopeful and counting down, that in 3 1/2 weeks, like last time, like clockwork....
At 11 weeks and 5 days, my morning sickness was GONE. 
Just like magic, and never came back.
Pray for me.
Did I mention how blessed and grateful I am to be having another little precious baby?
To give Logan a little brother or sister, who he can love, and teach, and grow, and play with?
Well, I am.
Its hard to tell right now, but I never forget that.
It is tough, but definitely worth it all.


  1. Misty, I'm sorry you feel so awful! You are a strong woman to be such a good mommy to Logan, and drive in such long traffic, and still go to work feeling this way. I'm so happy Scott is so good to you guys too, to take care of my friend. This too shall pass :)


  2. So excited for baby number 2!!! I hope you feel better soon. In the meantime enjoy your cheese! Give Logan kisses for me. Lovers you! xoxox

  3. Love you friends!!!! xoxooxoxox

  4. I craved Fruit Fruit Fruit.. Lemonade and yes cheese... Hmmm sounds a little Girl to me! <3 Sorry you felt so awful for so long! Glad its better now! That's my biggest fear with #2! Sickness. I was never sick with Tens. PRAYING NOW. I love how detailed you are in our writing. It makes it all easy to envision your daily routines. And GirrrrrlI I am not pregnant and have Zero Energy, house is a mess and I'm exhausted. So I get it! XOXO

  5. Chances are if you were not sick with #1 you won't be sick with #2!!! Thats what my doc said anyway. So something to look forward to! Thanks for the love! xoxooxo