Saturday, October 19, 2013

Summer Fun

(Sooo... I wrote this sometime in July, and I am just now getting around to posting it....time flies)

Lots of changes around these parts.
I am not working anymore as of June 11th.
I am a full time stay at home Mommy to my busy little bee, and it is so wonderful.

Practicing for his baby sister....
I had mixed feelings about staying home, and not sure I would be able to handle it.
It is much more work than actually going to a job every morning.
The first few weeks were really hard.
He threw fits, and protested, and didn't listen to anything I had to say, he wouldn't eat, or nap.
And screamed and whined most of the day.
I should have expected this because he doesn't do change well.
Actually that's not entirely true- it just takes him some time to adjust.
About one month, and magically we got on track, with a schedule even!!
Every morning at about 5am he bangs on his bedroom door, that's my queue to get up.
Then we have a snack, turn on cartoons, and I sort of "sleep" on the couch for another couple hours.
Hey-don't judge me.  I am pregnant with # 2 I need my sleep, the house is baby proofed and he can't get into the kitchen or any other rooms, so he is safe.
About 8 o'clock I peel myself up make some iced coffee, throw on some clothes, that still sorta fit, load up the stroller with sand toys, and walk to park across the street.

I am so proud of myself for doing this, for 2 reasons:
a) I am actually getting more exercise this pregnancy.
b) I am dressed and out of the house before 9am!
And of course, my bird gets social interaction, and gets to run around, and get tired so he has good nap.
Then we come home around 11, have some lunch (sometimes he eats) he is at his picky stage now.

Cap't America needs some lunch too....

Then its naptime.
12-3 Everyday!!!
Breaktime for this Momma.

Yeah, right.
I sure don't sit on the couch and watch soaps and eat bon bons.
Its time to clean, and do all the house things. laundry, dishes, vacuum, whatever it is.
Then I can relax.
I feel accomplished.
This summer staying home with my little has been eye opening for me.
Looking back, I feel as though he was a little stranger.
Trying to figure him out when I got home from work in the few short hours I had with him.
Now, being with him all day, I have acquired a ton more patience and time to come up with ideas on how to keep the tantrums at bay, and what to do to keep him busy.
We do all kinds of things.
So far this summer we have been:
To the Oak Park splash pad....

We have discovered a new park in Calabasas.....

We went to Camarillo to visit his little friend LJ, jumped on the trampoline, and went swimming.
Went to visit Aunt "Mickey's" house to "feed the tuwtle".
We did  painting, coloring, playdoh, and markering.

   Numerous trips to Target, he always gets some "coh corn" (popcorn), and a toy.

Kisses for Spidey 

We went to the mall to play inside because it was 102 degrees several times this summer....

It was a great summer filled with friends, family, food, and time spent with just me and my bird.


    Ciera :)

  2. Im loving your blogs Misty!
    <3 Ashley