Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday to My Little Man

I have made it a tradition to write you a letter on your birthday each year, and one day I will give you all of these letters.  So here goes....

Dear 3 year old Logan,

I can't believe you are 3 already.  It seems like just yesterday we brought you home from the hospital.
We both said to each other out loud....  "Who let us leave the hospital with a kid?"  We had no idea what we are doing.  When we got you home we put you in all of your seats.  Your bouncy seat, your swing, your boppy, your basinet.  We weren't quite sure what to do with you, so we tried out all your new stuff.

Coming home from the hospital

Kinda funny, mostly sad but true story.... I only changed your clothes 3 times and gave you a bath but once in about 10 days when we brought you home.  I blame the nurses.  In all the classes I went to before you were born, they all kept harping..."don't give them baths everyday they don't need it".  So I didn't.  But probably 10 days was a bit too long.  You just slept and didn't really do much and you sure didn't get dirty, so how was I to know?  Well eventually Grandma came to save the day.  She said to bathe you every night, it wouldn't dry out your skin or your hair and it would start you getting used to a routine. So that's what we did.  I cleaned your face with a warm wash cloth and changed your clothes every morning, and gave you a bath and fresh jammies every night.  You came to expect these things.  Ever since, I have tried hard to keep to a routine and I think we have done pretty good.  You still nap from 12-3 everyday.  You go to bed every night at about 8, maybe a few cartoons later, but you eventually doze off.  You still have a bottle before bed, and your monkey & ni-nite.  (Thats what you call your pacifier)  But you wont have to put any of that on your college application I am sure.  You are almost potty trained, you just won't #2 in the potty.  But we are working on it.  We have come along way since those first few months we brought you home.  I have learned so much about you and who you are and what you like and what you don't like.  It has been nice to be able to stay home with you on several occasions when I wasn't working.  You looooove superhero anything and everything.  Everything you find is somehow a sword or a gun.  You love to climb on EVERYTHING, and jump off of it too.  You like to run and chase kids, and have them chase you.  You are not shy at all.  You go right up to kids and try to play with them, or point out when they are wearing any type of super hero shirt.  You have discovered candy this past year, and its your favorite....all kinds.  You have become the picky eater and will eat pasta every night for dinner if I let you.  But I worry. I worry all the time about everything.  I never think I am doing a good enough job.  I worry about your diet, if you are getting enough nutrients, so I got you a liquid multivitamin, and I sneak it in your juice.  Every morning you see me do it and say, "no meh-cins!". You think its medicine,  I tell you its vitamins and its good for you.  I worry that you watch too much tv.  But then I caught you one day, counting to 15 all by yourself, I guess Mickey taught you, so TV can't be that terrible.  I feel bad that you are not in school with your friends, so I try to take you out to fun places every week...the treehouse, giggles n hugs, the park, swimming, friends and family's houses to visit.  I do my very best to see that you are happy, healthy, and growing. It can be hard sometimes, because I am hard on myself.  But then I see you eat an entire plate of steamed carrots, you say "pwease" and "kank you", and your great big smile tells me....okay maybe, just maybe I am doing something right.

 One of our favorite things that you say right now is "nooooot yet".  And you call us Buddy, and Honey its hysterical.  You love your sister so much, and you kiss her everyday, you say good morning to her everyday, you pat her head and tell her "its okay baby", when she cries.  I hope you love her and look out for her like this for years to come.  It melts my heart when I see how much you love her.  You have also tried to wrestle her, pick her up, and bonk her on the head with your toys, but I am sure you are just anxious for her to be big enough to run around with you, and don't worry very soon she will be, and I will have to chase after the both of you!  I love you so much baby bird, I wish I could tell you with words how much love and happiness you have brought my heart.  I know that one day you will know just how much.

I love you


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  1. He's getting so big!!! Miss you and love you all! xoxox